About myself : 

ANiX, 18 years old - got in touch with music in early years. As he was always ambitious and developed his skills very fast he moved to the point where he now is. At the age of 5 he started playing the piano and was driven to success while gaining national awards. 


Getting in touch with electronic music around 2007 was the early starting point for ANiX. Starting off with the vision to shoot himself into the music industry he made his first tracks with only 13 years. Founding his profile ANiX he started the main project idea.


Gaining personal support by top-notch house producer Thomas Hayden as well as Borgeous and releases on influential labels like CLUTCH Records, Momentum Records, Sick Bedroom Records,Melodic Tunes and AtomicSky Recordings he is increasing his abilities to grow up his future career. Additionally his music is published on the global leading publishing WarnerChappell through Move the Needle Publishing.